Technical Specification


1. A-CLASS Energy performance certificate building. In the building we will have external thermal isolation with 5 cm polystyrene. The apartment will be plastered inside with three coats and will be painted with three coats of paint of the "BUYER" option, a choice of ΟΝΕ color. The ceilings will be spatula and white. 

2. On the roof of the house building will be placed solar water heater, which will be connected to the interior of the apartment and will operate at the same time as an electric water heater with pressure system. A water tank with a capacity of 1000 litters will be installed 

3. Photovoltaic panels will be installed for the common area . 

4. The bricks that will be used are of cypriot Origin, multi-hole 20 * 25 * 30cm externally and 10 * 25 * 30cm internally. 

5. The building will have a 60m common green area with a terrace and barbecue. 

6. Floors

a) All floor ceramics will be selected by the "BUYER" from the available pre-selected option of the seller. Ceramic tiles will be placed in all areas with the same skirting board. 

b) The floors will be laid as follows:

- The floors of the living room, kitchen and bedrooms will be ceramic worth  15.00 (fifteen euro) per square meter. 

- alternatively, parquet worth  15.00 (fifteen euro) per square meter can be installed, including the installation and the bagging.

 - The verandas will be ceramic worth  12.00 (twelve euro) per square meter. 

- Ceramics worth  12.00 (twelve euro) per square meter will be placed on the floors and walls of the restroom, shower and bathroom.

c) In a case that "BUYER" chooses to use tiles that exceed the aforementioned monetary rights set by the "SELLERS", the additional cost of purchasing and installing such tiles will be charged. 

D) The sanitary ware will be placed according to the plans and will be white and will be of first quality value  1500 (one thousand seven hundred euro) each house. 

4. Wood work:

a) The interior doors of the apartment, the kitchen counters and the closets of the bedrooms will be made in Cyprus and will be made according to the dimensions as shown in the architectural drawings. They will be made of melamine, from a selection of colors available to the "SELLERS", worth 170.00(one hundred and seventy euro) per square meter, based on architectural plans. Ceramic matt / gloss worth  12.00 (twelve euro) per square meter will be placed between the benches in the kitchen, with a maximum height of 50cm.

 b) Inside the cabinets there will be space for a triple chest of drawers and a rail. The frame of the cabinets, all the dividers and the sections will be made of 18mm white melamine and the back of the cabinets with 8mm melamine. There is a landscaped area where the washing machine will be placed based on interior designs.


All external openings will have aluminum frames, in the color chosen by the "SELLERS" and will slide or open, according to the architectural plans, with double glazing 4 mm thick. 

For opening windows: MU2500 Thermal (Muskita) with triple locks.

For Sliding windows: MU3000 Thermal (Muskita). 

The front door will be dark grey color MU2500 (Muskita). 

The windows in the toilets and bathrooms will be 4mm solar glass and 4mm sandblasting, the rest will be 4mm solar and 4mm clear. 7 (7) 

6. The railing of the terrace will be 60cm glass and the rest of it wall. 

7. On the kitchen counter will be placed synthetic granite worth 100.00 (one hundred euro). 

8. On the staircase will be placed natural marble or artificial marble worth 36.00 (thirty six euro) per running meter. 

9. Plasterboard will be placed on the ceilings of the wc, en-suite and bathroom. Three spot lights will be placed in each space. 

10. The provisions for the air-conditioning system (air-conditioning) will be placed in the kitchen-living room and in the bedrooms for hot and cold air.